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Day 10



07th of July, 2017


Tibet '17

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text letter_spacing=””]Today was triumphant for us.  For the last few days, we had been working hard on the eco-waste bin, but today we accomplished so much on the project!

We did have a small setback the day prior due to weather, but I am truly proud to say that everyone stepped up to the plate and put in at least 150% of their effort.  I love the feeling of working and the extra challenge of a language barrier was something that used to bother me, but as we learned how each other worked and found a rhythm and balance with each other, it became our most productive day yet.

I feel as thought going through rough times of work is the best way to grow closer to people, and I know that we have built a small community here in Tibet.  We laugh without knowing a single word that the other is saying.  We pose together for pictures so that we can all remember these times.  We share meals, conversations, memories.  Today I realized that nothing can take these special moments away from me, and every moment is one that I can treasure.

working with our homestay host, Jiachu, “the gentle giant”




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