Cren and Erika

10th of July, 2019

Travel Journal

At the beginning of our ten-day journey, none of us had any idea what to expect. Then, on Day 2, we met Buzz Ironcloud. Buzz encouraged us to ask questions, no matter how simple or complicated they might seem. He shared personal stories with us about his childhood, as well as many unique experiences that he has had throughout his life on the Rez. From Buzz, we learned to understand the difference between loneliness and being alone, to find the positives in difficult situations, and to contribute respectfully and constructively to our communities.
In his parting statements last night, Buzz encouraged us to carry our curiosity with us back home. He advised us to ask hard questions within our own communities and to search for sustainable, long-term solutions to nationwide issues. He emphasized the importance of not only looking around us for answers, but also looking deep within ourselves. Buzz always said that it is our generation’s turn to make a difference in the world, and constant curiosity is the key to achieving this goal. We will never forget the impact that Buzz Ironcloud has had on our lives, and the curiosity that he has inspired within our group will live on well after this trip has ended. Wopila, Buzz



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