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Creating A Meal



29th of June, 2022


Costa Rica I

Day 9
Today we started the day early in the morning at 5:45 for our first agenda item for the day, the cow farm tour. There we got to see how to and got a chance at milking cows, afterwards we went to try some milk, sour cream, and cheese that was constructed from the dairy cow’s milk. Then we returned for breakfast which was Pica Dillo, rice and beans, and hot chocolate. After finishing breakfast we headed towards the basketball courts for a cooking lesson. There we split into groups and started assigning jobs for each person. The atmosphere was very jubilant, but also serious as the food we were preparing would be our lunch. My job was cutting up cilantro and garlic, after all of the cutting and shredding was done everyone focused their efforts into making tortillas. While waiting for the rest of the food to be completed, we played basketball. The food we made was delicious and was on par with some of the food we have had on this trip. After the cooking class we had some free time and played some more basketball, then after our hiatus was up we left for the playground to start painting. The first step was drawing out our design, then we started mixing colors to get the needed shade. When that was finished, we started putting on our first layer on our preliminary sketch. After applying our first coat, we left for some snacks and to let the paint dry. We got a sweet juice that tastes like lemonade and pancakes with caramel or syrup. After swallowing up the last of the snacks and a quick trip to the store for some chips we headed back to the playground. I added some extra coats and applied a background and waited for the rest of the group to finish up. Having a little bit of free time after painting, we headed back to the basketball courts to play some basketball and soccer. We played some short but intense games and then headed back for dinner. For dinner we had rice and beans, Caldo de Res, and Arroz Con Leche y Aytote-con miel. The food was warm and refreshing. After dinner, we headed back to the basket courts for a heated and intense game of volleyball, and then after an even more intense game of basketball. After realizing the time we headed back to our cabin and went to sleep.



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