Common Ground Relief

New Orleans

Who they are

Common Ground Relief (CGR) was founded in 2005 in direct response to the crisis created by Hurricane Katrina. CGR is a community-initiated volunteer organization offering assistance, mutual aid, and support to local communities. They are headquartered in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans and run a diverse range of projects throughout Southern Louisiana.

What they do

CGR focuses on wetlands and ecological restoration in the bayous surrounding New Orleans. Their community garden projects provide a healthy food source for local homeowners. Finally, through their legal services program, CGR advocates for the rights and benefits of the formerly incarcerated and extends legal services to the Spanish-speaking community.

Why they do it

CGR’s wetlands restoration projects address the loss of coastal wetlands, which are disappearing at the alarming rate of one acre every 30 minutes. CGR addresses the risks of future hurricanes and environmental degradation faced by New Orleans through planting projects and educational initiatives.

SStS’s role

While in New Orleans, the SStS group will work both in areas of the city that have yet to fully recover and on ecological projects in the wetlands intended to lessen the potential impact of future hurricanes. Time will also be spent hearing the stories of local residents and supporting other initiatives run by CGR.

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