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Chapter 2: The Tough Stuff


Sam and Emma H

01st of July, 2017


Bolivia '17

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So after kind of drying, we were never dry due to the like 100% humidity, the work got intense. We walked back to the beach again, a “trail” that we became all too familiar with to transport the filters and sand. After an hour walk down we loaded these filters into wheelbarrows and headed back. It was not sweet. This took hours, and none of us have ever been that sweaty in our entire lives. It felt absurd to be wearing a buff in the heat of the rain forest.  Then, after an almost-expected wipeout in a moist pile of knee-deep mud, courtesy of our 75-cent rain boots’ subpar traction, we were able to transport 4 of the the filters to a checkpoint further up the river head. It’s safe to say that at this time, each one us began to realize what we had gotten ourselves into. Back at the campsite, the carnage was palpable. Bodies lie everywhere, sweating profusely. But even though physically we had been withered to our core, spirits remained high in light of the progress we had made.




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