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Bonding While Working


Toby H

21st of June, 2024


Nepal '24

The second day in Salleri did not disappoint. Everyone was up early in the morning again, and we passed the time waiting for breakfast by talking on the deck and appreciating the foggy views. I finally took my first bucket shower, and it lived up to my expectations. After Breakfast we got right back to work, hauling bags of sand in rice bags up and down a steep hill. The grueling work helped us form bonds with some other volunteers who had just graduated from the small world school.

A great lunch and siesta break helped us refuel for visiting TK. When we arrived, all the kids immediately greeted us with love and enthusiasm. I sat down with some of the boys there, and they wasted no time sharing their name and asking questions about me. After some performances, we all danced together to both some of their music choices and of course the cotton eyed joe. We toured their rooms, and after much anticipation played a intense game of volley ball with everyone.

Due to their amazing English and enthusiasm, it was very easy to form meaningful bonds with all of the kids. I can speak for all of us when I say that was one of the most impactful and fun experiences we’ve had so far. It made me realize how much I have to learn from these kids who constantly keep a smile through all the challenges they have faced. I am so excited for the volleyball match I scheduled for tomorrow with one of the boys, and plan on spending the rest of the night preparing my team.



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