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Our First Day Teaching


Princess Adeyi

13th of June, 2022


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Panama I '22

Today was an incredible day!!! After some lesson planning in the morning, a group of us went down to Isla Cristobal to be with the indigenous Ngobe tribe. Going down there and working with the little children was such an amazing experience. At first I was a little nervous, and the kids were a little nervous as well, but by the end everyone felt so comfortable around each other and the kids seemed to be having a great time! Talking in Spanish felt so natural and I was so happy that I was able to communicate with the little kids.

The children were curious, creative, sweet, and had lots of energy! One kid taught me a new word: “Llantas” which means wheels in Spanish 🙂 When one of the instructors told us it was time to go, I was genuinely so sad because I was having a lot of fun with the kids. On the boat ride back, I was just reflecting on how extremely grateful I am to be able to be here and have such an incredible experience and meet so many cool people.

After we got back and had diner, a group of us went into town and interacted with some locals. We also watched a very intense and entertaining game of basketball with a bunch of guys. Bocas town is such a lively city, and the blend of so many different cultures makes it even more fascinating and inviting. Even when it’s dark there are kids playing outside, loud music going, and people just having a good time. Later in the evening, we had a “team building activity” where the group had an interesting debate about which leadership skill was most important. It was really fun, and got heated at times. I think my team was the definite winner!

Overall my experience on this trip has been great! I cannot wait to go back to Isla Cristobal to see the kids again tomorrow and be with them for the rest of the time we have here. Although it’s just day three, I feel like I’ve learned so much not only about this town, but also about myself.



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