The Simple Things

The Simple Things


Casey Richbourg

02nd of March, 2020

Travel Journal

Today, we finally got settled into our home away from home for the next week. The island of Bastimentos is unlike anything I could have ever imagined. As we pulled up onto the shore from our boat taxi, I was blown away by the all the colorful houses. Even though these people don’t have much, they fill their houses with lots of happiness and light. As soon as my foot touched the front steps of our hotel, I could immediately feel the warm welcome from the people around us. Everyone we saw was so welcoming and thankful for us to be there. One of the most memorable moments from today happened when Gabby and I finally got the chance to go and greet the kids. A small group of kids (ages: 5-9) had gathered by the basketball court outside our hotel. We were nervous to go out and talk to them, but after Gabby and I gave each other mini pep talks we finally went and interacted with them. We didn’t know what language the kids were speaking, but after we went with the safe “Hola” they all warmed up. Three girls in particular connected with Gabby and I right off the bat. They kept motioning for us to keep picking us and wanted us to spin them around. I was amazed by how little it took for the kids to entertain themselves. Back in the US most kids around their ages need to be entertained by shoving an iPad in their faces, but here it’s the little things that make the kids happiest. All the kids were gathered around admiring a young boy’s collection of almost poker- like chips that could be found in a bags of a chip company. This little boy had hundreds of these chips and was so proud to share/ show off his collection to his friends. Seeing his face and the faces of the other kids he shared his chips with really stuck with me. They could play for hours and hours with these chips. I loved seeing the sweet faces we met today, and I can’t wait for the time we are gonna spend in their schools tomorrow. It really is the simple things that can bring the most happiness.



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