Sonam Sherpa

Leader, The Small World

Sonam Doka Sherpa is a young social entrepreneur born in Solukhumbu, Nepal in 1989. As one of the leaders of The Small World, she is currently directing humanitarian projects related to girls’ education and women’s empowerment in Nepal including her dream project of providing a safe home and education for orphaned girls at the Himalayan Hope Home.

Her inspiration to provide an education to rescued or orphaned girls came from her own life. At the age of 14, she lost her mother and her father to cancer, leaving her as the guardian for her 9 and 12-year-old sisters. In addition to continuing her own education, she worked in a tea house to support her sisters’ education. With the help of a sponsor, she was eventually able to earn her nursing degree. Since her life was changed because of her ability to gain a good education, she has dedicated her life to helping girls who are facing similar challenges. Today, through her work with The Small World, she is a mother to 21 girls residing at the Himalayan Girls Home and oversees the sponsorship program for more than 70 girls around Nepal whose families are unable to afford an education.



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