Maria Galleta

Founder and Director, Madres y Familias Deportadas en Acción

Maria Galleta is the founder of Madres and Familias Deportadas, an organization that grew out of individuals who wanted to help families separated by deportation. The organization sought to encourage a more balanced narrative about Mexico’s migration and reduce stigma against people who have been deported to Mexico. According to Maria “when people get deported, the focus is often on what they might have done wrong and not on who and what they leave behind.” Galleta took the initiative to open an information Center in Tijuana for deportees. Maria’s Center helps migrants during a tough transitional period. Maria has worked in the Tijuana/San Diego border region as an activist for over thirty years. As a co-founder of Christy’s Place, she offered counseling to people with HIV/AIDS and has since worked with numerous organizations advocating for social services and human rights for marginalized communities. Originally from the state of Jalisco, Mexico, Maria is committed to advocating for the rights of deportees and migrants.



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