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Who We Work With


Our field studies encourage in students an obligation to lead ethically. They help us build the next generation of the world’s visionaries. Explore our field studies.


We help school leaders develop and nourish global citizenship education and ethical leadership programming for students and faculty. Explore how we work with schools.


We work with like-minded businesses and philanthropists to create partnerships within the broader universe of our shared values. Become a partner.

Our Global Schools Coalition brings together like-minded schools interested in ethical leadership programming. Read more
Students enter with their first SStS experience and stay connected long after as part of our alumni community. Read more
Our business partners are led by visionaries of all size businesses who believe in contributing to the health of society. Read more
Our philanthropic partners support us in developing the next generation of ethical leaders. Read more
Our nonprofit partners are grassroots leaders from around the world that serve as inspirational models of ethical leadership. Read more

Our Community

A Global Network

The Shoulder-to-Shoulder Network believes ethical leadership is the “big idea” that will address humanity’s most pressing needs. Our mission to spread this idea leads to shared value for all members, from high-school students to big business. 

To learn more, hover over any of the nodes below. Or, click on the name of a sector to be taken to a page where you can learn more.

Where to start

Find a field study

If you’re in Grades 8-12, we’ll give you the opportunity to learn about ethical leadership from inspiring nonprofit leaders while serving “on the ground.” You’ll discover the challenges and rewards of working and learning shoulder-to-shoulder. 

Become a member

We are a 501 C(3) educational nonprofit created by educators. If you’re a school leader, we can help you provide a cost-effective, authentic pool of resources from which you can offer global citizenship education and ethical leadership programming for your entire school community.


Support our mission

We welcome opportunities to tailor partnerships with businesses, foundations, and private donors. If you share the belief that collaboration is the best, most sustainable way to address the world’s pressing problems, we’d love to show you how you might partner with us.



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