Ancient, Naturopathic, and Modern Health Care Approaches

The Basics of These Individual Systems, How They Work in Harmony, How They Conflict

This online workshop will explore the broad concept of health and healing through the perspective of naturopathic medicine, modern medicine, and ancient traditions from around the world.  Instructors will include Shoulder-to-Shoulder alumni and NGO partners representing each of these approaches as practitioners and/or students.  

What is the difference between “public health” and “medicine?”  What is the Coronavirus pandemic exposing  – strengths and weaknesses – in these systems and approaches towards healing?  What are the inherent ethical issues between various medical modalities and what the media exposes to the public?  How has modern medicine advanced since ancient techniques and what practices seem to show the most efficacious?  These questions and more will be explored through readings (i.e. peer reviewed scientific studies; ethical probes) and discussions with practitioners from around the world.  

Exploring these topics with practitioners and students will provide plenty of opportunities to learn about the broad field of healthcare and to consider career opportunities simply through the content and more directly through the instructors.  We will meet once weekly by Zoom (a regularly scheduled time will be determined by the group).


Eligibility: Current Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors

Cost: $750 (non GSC members)/ $500 (GSC members)*

*Financial assistance is available upon request. Please see the FAQ’s for more information.

Dates: September 7- December 18

Application deadline: August 28


Collaborate with healers from around the world

Connect and ask questions with traditional healers from various communities around the world to understand how they have been curing diseases within their community for thousands of years.

Understand the barriers to optimal wellness

Societal structures with economic incentive challenge clarity, if not truth, on issues related to health and healing. We will have the opportunity to discuss our beliefs and our relationship to central systems influencing our health.

Learn personal healing techniques and future profession options 

Each of the weekly guest lectures will provide techniques on how to you can help yourself and family members with personal illnesses and barriers to health

Course Overview

  • Learn from healers around the world.
  • Develop a “systems thinking” view of healthcare.
  • Explore the intersection between public health, medicine, and ancient traditions.
  • Learn personal healing techniques and future profession options.
  • Engage in discussions with like-minded peers.


There will be one required meeting per week (approx. 60 minutes). Students should also plan to spend 4-6 hours per week working independently.

Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder will provide you with a certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation to document this experience. In addition, Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder will work with you to receive credit for this as a course at your school (your school has the right to make the final decision).

We know these are difficult times and want to offer this course to anyone that is invested in doing it so please do not hesitate to request a scholarship if it is needed. 

The course is opening to students currently in grades 10-12 (in Fall 2020). 



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