Day 1 Reflections

Day 1 Reflections



10th of February, 2020

Travel Journal

“Action without learning is ignorance. Learning without action is selfishness” says Daniela Papi-Thornton in her book Learning Service. As our first day comes to an end we reflect upon it. After arriving a day later than expected our adventure finally began. As we walked through the border, we soon realized that this trip was going to be like no other. The group strolled across the border in under 10 minutes. The people we met today would’ve given anything to be able to get across. The stories we heard from all different people and all ages, varied in many ways but also had one thing in common; they had all experienced deportation in a tragic way. Making them feel as though they had no sense of place because what they knew as their home, didn’t want them. Even though these people have experienced terrible things, they still get up every day and continue trying, like Carlos said; “it’s life and sometimes stuff just happens”. Listening to their stories brought up many emotions for all of those in the room. But we all had a mutual understanding of love and support.
Through thoughtful reflections and discussions at the end of our day we made sure to set out intentions for this trip. We are here to listen, process and most importantly learn from the people we meet. We will make sure to self-reflect throughout the days and think about what we learn and how “we are privileged to do what”?



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