SStS Alumni Course (Ages 18 -22)

Hope Health Action

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Course Details


May 27 to June 10, 2018

15 Days

Departure City

Miami, Florida

Tuition: $3605*
Airfare & fees: $590 *
* important details here

SStS partners with Hope Health Action on projects that enhance the quality of medical care and support services for families and children with developmental disabilities at a rural hospital.
The SStS Haiti course occurs near Cap-Haitien, a city along the island’s northern coast. Upon their arrival, students will quickly be immersed in the unique Creole culture that exists in this beautiful Caribbean nation.

Haiti also has the highest rate of poverty in the western hemisphere due to a variety of interwoven issues that make it particularly susceptible to natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Amidst these difficult circumstances, the government only supports one hospital in northern Haiti with 250 beds serving over one million people. Because of the lack of medical facilities, many Haitians, particularly those with disabilities, do not have access to essential medical and support services. In response to the significant unmet health care needs that exist in this region, SStS’s non-profit partner, Hope Health Action (HHA), is dedicated to providing life-saving health and disability care to Haiti’s most vulnerable citizens.

Upon their arrival in Haiti, the SStS group will settle into HHA’s Volunteer Village. After learning about their inspiring history, mission, and goals, the students will begin their project at the nearby Hopital de la Convention Baptiste d’Haiti (HCBH) and Maison de Benediction Respite Center. HCBH is an extensive public clinic with a maternity unit, an emergency room, and a sports rehab center for Haitians who have suffered from spinal injuries and strokes. The Maison provides support services for children with developmental disabilities and their families. In order to support HHA, the SStS group will work with the kids at the Maison and on a construction project that will improve the facilities used by families whose relatives are seeking care at HCBC. In addition to the service work, students will visit other organizations that are implementing creative and sustainable solutions to the economic challenges faced by rural families. The group will also explore fascinating cultural sites such as the Citadelle Laferriere, a historic mountaintop fortress. Finally, the group will spend their last day at a beach on Haiti’s northern coast reflecting on what they have learned about ethical leadership.

Course Elements

The course elements are based on a rating from 1 to 5, 1 being the least rigorous 5, being the most rigorous.


Students will spend much of their time doing construction work at HCBH. They will also work with the staff at the Maison who provide support services to children with developmental disabilities.


Prior to their travels, students complete a series of online activities (30 minutes each). While traveling, they also read engaging articles, participate in cultural experiences, and create presentations in small groups.


While in Haiti, the group will spend time exploring various cultural sites on foot. However, these activities only require relatively short walks of a couple hours or less.

Living Conditions60%

The group stays at HHA’s Volunteer Village, which is a compound of small houses near the hospital and Maison with shared kitchens and living space as well as bunkrooms for students.

On the move40%

After arriving in Cap-Haitien, the group will drive 30 minutes to the Volunteer Village. For the remainder of the course, most of the service work and cultural experiences will only require short drives of an hour or less.


Although the group will stay in a rural area near the hospital and Maison, they do not stay in the homes of individual families.


Although the group will visit the city, they will spend a majority of their time in a rural area about 15 minutes outside of Cap-Haitien. They will also spend a day at the beach on Haiti’s north coast.

Element Descriptions


Day 1

Depart from Miami, begin group orientation, drive to HHA’s Volunteer Village

Day 2

Tour of the hospital and Maison de Benediction, project introduction, orientation about mission and goals of HHA

Day 3 - 6

Project work, Creole lessons, cultural activities, evenings at the Volunteer Village

Day 7

Morning tour of the Citadelle Laferriere, afternoon in Cap-Haitien, evening free

Day 8

Church service, visit to local market, afternoon free

Day 9 - 12

Project work, visit other community organizations, cultural experiences, evenings at the Volunteer Village

Day 13

Finish project, celebration dinner with HHA staff

Day 14

Begin debrief, travel to the beach, closing activities, evening at hotel

Day 15

Finish debrief, return to Miami


: In Three Phases


the 5 Lenses Curriculum

Prior to departure, participants are guided by their course instructors through a series of interactive, online lessons. Organized by SStS’s Five Lenses Curriculum, these activities (30 minutes per week) allow students to directly engage with other members of
the group.


partnering with ngos

The majority of the days at each site are spent engaged in meaningful service work with our NGO (non-governmental organization) partner. Days not dedicated to project work are spent immersed in intriguing cultural activities.


post travel advocacy

During the next year, participants are asked to educate others by advocating for our NGO partner through public presentations to the community at large and/or school-based audiences.

Important Details

Cost Information

Tuition: $3605
Airfare & fees: $590

Please note, tuition does not include airfare and immunizations.
Tuition costs are all inclusive with the exception of personal expenditures (e.g. souvenirs).
Tickets and medical & security evacuation services are purchased as a group. The cost of these services is included in the tuition.
Talbot Travel Agency provides travel services for SStS, working personally with us to find the least expensive group fares. As a result, it is not possible to use airline miles or credit card benefits for the international flights. However, these can be used to purchase tickets to the gateway city.

Travel Expectations
Please note that we expect all participants to travel together, adhering to the identical itinerary. We will depart the United States as a group from a gateway city. Exemptions may be made for international students. Additionally, travel in the developing world inevitably includes “the unexpected” (e.g. weather disruptions, transportation strikes, etc.). SStS will adjust the itinerary accordingly, making the best of uncontrollable situations. Due to the unknown variables in international travel, participants are asked not to make travel plans or to enroll in programs that start immediately after their return. SStS is not responsible for expenses incurred due to missed flights if the group is delayed in their return.



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