Cole Graskamp

Board Member

Cole Tuohy Graskamp is chairman of the finance committee for Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder. He is also the lead accountant for a real estate rental company in San Antonio. With a background in accounting for public and private companies, Cole is working to utilize the inherent standardization of the accounting language to support and develop unconventional ideas that have the potential to derive unprecedented benefit for the public at large. These ambitions have led him to work with artists and educators who share the vision of a more unified and peaceful population within our reach. Our society has only just begun to manifest the power afforded by the most transformative innovation our civilization has experienced since the wheel: the internet, defined as the connectivity between all electronic things, which we humans ourselves are gradually becoming. Cole became involved with SStS using the same logic he employed in choosing accounting as a profession: disenchanted throughout his youth and adolescence by the disconnect between the spoken purpose of ‘education’ and the passive acceptance of the agreed-upon means to that end on behalf of the ones experiencing the system itself, his ninth-grade ethics class led by SStS’s executive director illuminated an alternative path of contemplation and examination. Some years later, similarly disenchanted by the majority of his peers’ unexamined purpose in life of wealth maximization with only superficial reasoning as to why, Cole sought to learn the foundational basis for the ostensible ethical arbiter of this tantalizing financial system: accounting. Cole is impassioned by the morally-deceiving notion of financialization and the will for people to consider the complete ramifications of their actions in order to build the habit of virtue. Cole believes SStS can help individuals find their true purposes in life for the benefit of all humankind.


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