Casa Del Immigrante

Casa Del Immigrante



13th of February, 2020

Travel Journal

Pablo and Miguel are two men staying at Casa Del Immigrante. When I asked how long they had been here, they said about 8 hours. Tuesday night around 6:00 pm, they jumped the border wall in Tijuana. They had successfully crossed when they were caught along highway 96 by Border Patrol. Pablo and Miguel were detained for 8 hours on the U.S. side before being released back into Tijuana and making their way to Casa Del Immigrante. This was Miguel’s first attempt at crossing, and Pablo’s 6th. They are going to try and cross again Friday night. In Pablo and Miguel’s case, they simply want to cross the border to work. They don’t have drugs and they don’t do drugs. Both just want to work and provide money for their families.

Last night we stayed at Casa Del Immigrante, which is a place many migrants and deportees seek shelter from the streets. Here they are given two meals a day and a place to sleep for 3 months before they have to leave. Everyone who stays here leaves at 7:00 each morning and is not allowed to return until 3:00 pm. During this time, they are asked to find and work jobs so they will be able to live on their own after the 3 months is up. Staying here we got to listen to many others tell their stories about deportation, migration and jumping the wall. It was a very powerful experience for us all.



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