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Before completing the SStS 2019 application, please consider that involvement in these courses is a significant commitment. Each experience uniquely focuses on learning through immersion in a distinctive culture. Living and working shoulder-to-shoulder with your group and hosts means being present, inclusive, appreciative, and persistent. Traveling also involves a certain degree of stress. Consequently, applicants need to be physically and emotionally fit as well as eager to learn in new and challenging ways.

Students who are applying for courses outside of the U.S. need to have completed their freshman year of high school prior to the course. Students who are applying for courses in the U.S. need to have completed 8th grade prior to the course.

Because there are a limited number of spaces in each program, all participants must submit the following information in order to be considered for admission. Your answers are not saved until you hit submit. The SStS admissions committee reviews all applications.

If you participated in a 2017 or 2018 SStS course, please use the returning students tab to access the application for SStS alumni. 

Updated dates, costs, and course descriptions for 2019 will be posted on Nov. 1, 2018



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